Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Rock n Roll is hear to stay we wont let it go away!

Rock n Roll is hear to stay we wont let it go away!

By Nani Miras
So what are you waiting for get on up and dance!

Monday, 7 April 2014

Nathalie's video asking friends to participate with the blog

This video was uploaded on Blip Tv on the 9/5/2010

It was removed as blip TV have to decided to change their policy. So I decided to upload it directly on the blog that way people who don't know what this whole project is about can get a little idea.


The first merchandising idea video


This video was made on the 9/6/2010. 

Public announcement videos made about 4 or 5 years ago.

You can tell how old the video is as I talk about Jimmy Saville, please accept my profuse apologies as at the time the atrocities that he is accused of had not be revealed.
As I have mentioned on previous occasions, but I repeat myself for those who have never been on the blog before. I had uploaded all my videos for the last 4 years  on a channel called Blip TV, who were supposed to be open minded and not as censorial as are the most popular video channels, however this year Blip TV decided to change their philosophy and dedicate themselves to series and  all the videos I ever uploaded have just disappeared into cyber space. So I have decided to re upload them directly onto the blog. They will obviously not be of very good quality but at least you can see them. And nowadays you aren't going to tell me that people appreciate quality! When they watch good knows what on the smallest screens possible. How can you appreciate quality on the screen of you mobile phone?


This video was made on 9/10/2010

Sam's vie en rose


Lets see if I can manage to keep this lovely video Bea Janer edited on this blog.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Great little video that Pol made

Take a look at the fun little video Pol Lopez Grau made for us:

You can see more of Pol's work here: 

Sam and Lucien le chien skateboarding by Pablo Taladro

You can see more of Pablo Taladro's work on his blog: