Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Kiddies neck scarves or bibs

Had no kids available to model this new simple neck scarf.  The logo is designed by my dearest friend Maria Sagües . I think it's a SAMtastic idea to have in your hand bag to protect your neck from the cold or if like me you can't stand polar necks (or as Americans call them, turtle necks), as they itch me so much. This little neck scarf is ideal to put on under a polar neck. 
Might get some slightly bigger ones made up for adults. I'm SAMiten! Enjoy life....
Nearly forgot to tell you, if you put a mirror in front of the photo you will be able to read the logo!

Sam says: Get your Individual One and Only's" enjoy life!



All these bags are made by volunteers who work for Fundació Fias Prisba as seems stresses or people doing  social services instead of serving prison  or if they can't afford to pay hefty fines. The money raised in their shop and in their laundry service shop goes to a day centre for the aged and a social eaterie. Where not only the old but people who are struggling financially can eat and shower. 
I can't find their web page now. I know they were in the process of changing names, so just let me go this afternoon to the shop as I have to collect some more bags and double check their new name and web page.
Here's a video in Catalan about them: 

Well a few hours have gone by since I wrote the text above and I have since gone to collect some more bags and bibs from the "2 Ma" shop I mention above and I asked Manoli who is the lady who runs the shop what their new name was and she gave me a brochure. So here goes they are now called FUNDACIÓ ROURE -


Friday, 3 October 2014

Ummm I love my chocolate mousse

"Umm how I enjoy a chocolate mousse without Mummy getting worried about messing up my clothes cause of my super dooper bib"

Friday, 26 September 2014

Beatrice wants a little bit of butter on her bread!

Beatrice wants a little bit of butter on her bread!

Sam says: Enjoy life! with our Samtabulous bibs. 

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Sibbling love / Me skin and blister

Sam lived in Paris and I lived in Barcelona and although neither of us were very good at regular phone contact as we both worked mainly on the phone so we were both reluctant to speak on it out of work hours. However we always saw each other during the holidays.

Here is one of Sam's trips to Barcelona: